Welcome to Paloneo

Fostering a culture of impact.

Paloneo is a members-owned platform driving the digital renaissance. 


We enable trusted exchange of culture, ideas, and capital to empower rising leaders under 40 to build a more sustainable and cosmopolitan world. 

  • Digital Society. Digital technologies have lowered the cost to communicate, collaborate, and form capital across the globe, enabling global cooperation at new scale. With the advance of blockchain and AI technologies, we believe the most powerful institutions of the 21st century will be borderless networks, not nation-states.
  • Planet Earth. To prevent further ecosystem collapse, we must reform global economic systems to form a symbiotic relationship between capitalism and nature. Paloneo unites entrepreneurs, investors, policy-makers, and artists to advocate for a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Cultural Resilience. The idea of a united, free, and prosperous Europe is threatened by the aggressive expansion of authoritarian regimes and ideologies. Facilitating global collaboration and the exchange of culture, ideas, and capital has never been more critical to sustain peace and prosperity across Europe and the world.

Est. 2021 – Our story 

Students at the University of Cambridge, Oxford and the University of St. Gallen established Paloneo to enable trusted exchange of culture, ideas and capital in a world driven by exponential technological advance and polarisation. 

Our members are cosmopolitan explorers who combine both cultural and intellectual curiosity. They connect at Paloneo events to create borderless friendships and discuss global ideas. We welcome fellow curious and cosmpolitan minds to join our monthly events and digital platform.